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Lucy Rose here and I WELCOME you to my blog!

This blog is about health and beauty … and specifically about acne treatment. It’s about my journey how I got success in treating acne and regained my lost beauty and charming skin.

My mother and grandma (and some doctors too) keep on telling me not to worry about acne too much. It is just a natural phenomena mainly occur due to age factor. Neither it is permanent nor produce infections….

… But how could these specialists ever understand the feelings of a girl! They would never have an idea how harmful this acne is … not only for health of skin but also for a girl’s self-esteem! Going for a party … Attending staff meeting … Meeting with your client … all just seem impossible! Even when you stand alone in your room anytime in front of mirror … and these nasty acne marks are there mocking and laughing at you ALL the time.

After having problems with acne for months and trying every other thing some friend suggested, I passed through a very tense period of my life. Gradually I started to learn more about acne, read all skin care magazines, tried many home remedies … and then, at last the moment of victory had arrived. I was finally got success in my mission of achieving clean and charming skin.


acne before and after

At that point, I decided to share my experiences with other people to help them in solving their acne problems …. as it is rightly said, “Sharing is Caring”.

I put all efforts to make this site as a resource for acne treatment. In my blog posts, I mentioned what home remedies I found useful; what causes acne; which acne products I tried and got satisfactory results and stuff like this.

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